Prairie Fire Farm was founded in 1998 by Dan and Carol Zerger as Zerger Tree Farm and was purchased in 2012 by Logan and Marissa Jantz and has been continued with a few changes as Prairie Fire Farm LLC.  We specialize in shade and ornamental trees in the 0.5' - 3' size range.  We sell our trees at wholesale prices to nurseries and independent landscapers.  Recently, sales have also opened up for public retail!  The tree farm began to evolve when a few trees were planted in the spring of 1998.  We now have 10 acres in production with a full compliment of tree varieties.  We fully cultivate our fields so we don't deliver any grasses or weeds with our trees.  We also put our young trees through periods of drought stresses so they will send their roots downward in search of water.  This process produces a strong root structure and also eliminates the weakest trees.  Our goal is to provide clients with the finest tree stock that is acclimated to the Kansas climate.

Come visit us at the tree farm and see for yourself.